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The Chain

A short film teaser concept for the Feature film

 THE CHAIN- You’ve got 48 hours

You have forty eight hours and then you are dead. A countdown from the moment you take possession of the chain. But if you unlock the secret of the chain you might be able to break the curse and then maybe you might get to stay alive.
Director: Tanit Jitnukul

A young woman throws herself off a bridge in the middle of Bangkok, a noose hanging around her neck. Below her a busy stream of traffic. As her neck snaps and she dies a gold chain falls from her hand…Into a car, passing underneath at the very moment she has killed herself. Falling in through the open sunroof. Driving the car is a wealthy young woman, Ping.

She has not seen the suicide that she’s driven under – the dead woman’s name is Nong. It’s as if fate has ordained this strange moment, where the chain in one woman’s hand falls into the car of another woman.

Ping does not notice the chain but, as she is driving, she is shocked to see that a monster – a ghostly woman with a grotesque baby’s head – is reaching out to her from the passenger seat in the car.

She freaks and loses control of the car. Sending it into a number of stalls and almost killing innocent bystanders.

Soon afterwards and the police officer in charge of the crime scene, a quiet, lonely man by the name of Nit, is organising Ping’s journey to jail, ignoring her crazy talk about a monster which appeared in her car.

Nit sees the chain and pockets it. Is going to sell it but, at the last minute, changes his mind, feeling guilty.

That night Nit too is visited by the grotesque vision of the same monster.

Realising its appearance is connected – somehow – to the chain, he tries to throw it away, into one of the city canals.

But the next morning he discovers that it’s back, around his neck.

Both Ping and Nit have been told the same thing:

You have forty eight hours left. Then you die.

Nit’s working to a countdown now. What does this chain mean?

Why is he connected to it?

He goes to see Ping in the jail but she has no idea.

Nit begins an investigation. He discovers that the dead woman, Nong, had been given the same chain forty eight hours before she leapt off the bridge. And, when he reviews the CCTV footage of that moment – when Nong was given the chain in a shopping complex – he also discovers that the old woman who slipped the chain into Nong’s bag had died.

Two weeks earlier.

She is a ghost And clearly she holds the secret to the chain. At the same time, while in jail Nong is having the most horrific nightmares… but maybe they’re not actually nightmares but real experiences. She’s connecting with another woman who, it is revealed, was executed twenty years earlier for a kidnapping gone wrong, when a baby was taken… then killed. Her name is Ploy and we then cut back twenty years earlier and follow this story, of Ploy and the kidnapping, the taking of a baby… All of which finally links together to explain what the chain is and what its curse means. As the final hours are counting down, as an increasingly desperate Nit tries to get the truth from Ping – about that kidnapping twenty years ago and what actually did happen and how the ghost of the woman is connected – the truth emerges. A horrible mistake made by the eight year old Ping which, twenty years later, has come back to haunt and kill them. And Nit? Why him? Why is he also involved in the unraveling of this terrible kidnapping and murder some twenty years ago? That truth is also finally revealed.

They are all cursed and the chain is going to kill them.

Unless they can break its power.