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Eight years old, Tor watches as his family and everyone in his village on the Thai/Laos border, is slaughtered by a stoned, acid-tripping bunch of American soldiers. It’s the early 1970’s. Vietnam. Lost, scared, the teenage rag-tag GI’s, all hallucinating on LSD, have crossed the border and entered into neutral Thailand.

The slaughter goes unreported. Just another blip of carnage in the already blood-soaked South East Asia.

Things go weird for John Stanton when he’s mysteriously fired off a fashion shoot in Brisbane, his hometown. Followed up, almost immediately, by a job offer, out of the blue, to work in Bangkok for two months. John’s life is peering through the lens at sexy models in various stages of undress; he is not a suspicious guy.

He should be.

Soon after arriving in Thailand, he finds himself caught up in an increasingly bizarre and dangerous game with local gangsters, bar girls, an Australian embassy spy who looks and talks as if he’s stepped out of the pages of a Graham Greene novel, a beautiful Thai girl who’s wanting to sleep with him a little too quickly – can she be trusted? – and the CIA, who have been monitoring John’s every step since he stepped out of the customs hall at the airport.

Becoming more and more immersed in this violent trap, John is led to the ultimate horror: his father, who he thought was dead, committed the most appalling atrocity back in the Vietnam War, when he was an eighteen year old stoned and scared kid with an M16 around his shoulder.

John discovers that he has been fully manipulated by Tor, now a vengeful man in his mid-fifties, determined that justice be finally done.

The sins of the father have placed an unsuspecting John in the crosshairs of a deadly atonement.